Working Overtime

Working Overtime

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We made it into Jersey this afternoon and linked up with Rebecca, Fredo, Rouser Rob and Sumo at Walt's shop, Kickstart Cycle Supply. So much going on there, it's crazy. Cool Beans Chris and Pete gave us the personal escort to the coffee shop for bike night and then Bada-Bing (Sopranos) and back to our hotel. Potholes, rain, crazy traffic, it's all part of the experience. The experience would have lasted a lot longer without a couple gracious hosts.

Walt's shop is a hundred-plus year old firehouse with more shovels than a gravediggers shed. Pure class, and and a flurry of activity as everyone thrashes to get bikes finished and ready for the Gypsy Run.

Our bikes are glad to be off the trailer.

Cool Beans Chris' bike has GOT to get finished.
It fired tonight and looks great. Bones is on the job!

Josh fitting some rear pegs on the Trumpet for Rebecca.

Fredo's bike is giving us fits, but we'll get it sorted in the morning.

Road fuel.

Tomorrow: get Fredo's bike going, find rain gear and hit The City.