Vantastic Monday

Vantastic Monday

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Stargazer rules.

Me and the boy got some work done on his second gen Econo this weekend. We took out what little interior there was to start with and the seat mounts are going out to get sand blasted and the seats to get covered. We're hopefully going to start laying the subfloor and carpet next weekend so today's work was the super fun stuff - scraping old surface rust off the floor and getting a good coat of primer on there. We struggled with wheels a little bit. He just wanted the stock 14's but there are zero tire choices for them, so we dug up a pair of 15" steelies for the rear. Then BFJosh donated some giant 285 BFG T/A's to get some big n' little action going on. Moon caps (man they make 'em thin now) should look pretty sweet. White Moon steering wheel should look pimpilicious with the planned white fur headliner.

We're looking for a couple things if anyone out there has a lead; a new drink holder/tray deal that mounts on top of the engine cover, and a good source for weatherstripping. Also any online sources for small, stock interior pieces. Anyone? Hit me up if you have sources for either of these.

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