Throwdown at the Brodown

Throwdown at the Brodown

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Cincinatti, Saturday night, Feb 6th:

Here's the scoop: The V-Twin Expo is a tradeshow, so if you aren't a shop or in the industry in one capacity or another, your chances of getting in are kind of slim. Tradeshows are a necessary evil, usually long days of talking to dealers, pitching distributors, showing off product and lots of walking around shooting the bull with your buddies followed by long nights of binge drinking. To entertain ourselves, friends and dealers, we decided to throw a party across the street.

Our friend Matt Bischoff from Cinci has a nutty metal band called Dandelion Death and they put on one hell of a show. Think of them as a Do-it-Yourself Gwar meets the Village People. With strippers. Something like that at least. Also, two more bands: Banderas and Blacklight Barbarian will be rockin' the Mainstay Rockbar 'till long after midnight.

The cover is $5.00 but we'll be slinging a few VIP passes if you bump into us earlier in the day at the show. BTW, our booth number is 2739 so come by and say hi if you get a chance. Party starts at 8:00, Helmet Raffle at 9:00, first band 9:30. Cheap PBR's all night. If you are not going to the tradeshow and are a local rider who's interested in the party, by all means please feel invited.

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