Sunday Morning Coming Down

Sunday Morning Coming Down

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Day 1 (Sunday)
Meet at Denny's in Carlsbad.
Exit the 5 fwy at Carlsbad Village Drive and go west. It'll be pretty hard to miss. We will be rolling out from this parking lot at 9:00AM, so if you want to ride with us, be topped off and ready to roll at 9:00AM.

Disclaimer: We don't have road captains or baby sitters. Print the map and know the route. Do your best to stay with the pack if you are worried. Once we get across the border we'll naturally consolidate at gas stations and toll booths. We will split lanes in both the USA and Mexico. But, we'll try to keep it at a realistic pace, we're not trying to kill anyone but don't want to take all day or sit in traffic either. Believe it or not, once we get into Mexibro it'll actually be easier to stay together since there is only one highway headed south. Stay on the "1"! The only place where you can get a little lost is Ensenada, but just keep following traffic south. We'll go slow through this section for sure. Once we pass Ensenada, it's easy money. The worst hazards are trucks, opposing traffic and unexpected shit in the road. Small towns have cops and speed bumps called "topes", be aware.

There are more details and a map here: 500

If you have general questions about Baja travel, read this little primer.

Day 2 (Monday)
Surf, skate, ride a dirt bike, rent a board, fish, fix your bike, explore around, whatever. We're cooking up a little carne asada fiesta Monday night, so that dinner is covered. We bought enough stuff today to feed about 75-100 people. I don't think we'll have that many, so there should be plenty of chow. We're also going to run a tab with the Hostel so we'll be sponsoring a couple hundred beers Monday night too. ¡Ay-yi-yi!

Day 3 (Tuesday)
See Day 2. Except dinner is on you. Eat what you brought or buy something from the hostel, or catch it yourself and toss it on the grill. We've got a custom painted helmet/trophy that'll get awarded some MVP Tuesday evening. This is also the night we burn the boat. If you park or camp close to the old wooden cabin cruiser on the cliff, this would be a good day to move. Seriously.

Day 4 (Wednesday)
Get the hell out. It'll probably be a rough morning considering the previous night's activities so we'll just play it by ear and retrace our steps. Anyone coming on four wheels, be prepared to sit in traffic at the border while the bikes split lanes and dodge churro carts. Here's a couple videos, one showing the ride headed north from Ensenada and one the border crossing at TJ. There is no meet up point after the border, just go home or wherever your next destination is!