Slab City Riot 2 Rides

Slab City Riot 2 Rides

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Slab City Riot 2010

There are several crews riding in from all over this week, Texas, Vegas, Washington, Nor Cal, and a Canadian from Dana Point who is a crew all by himself!

Here are a couple groups you might want to team up with if you wanna ride out with other freaks:


San Diego


Getting to the Slabs from Niland is easy. Main St turns into Beal Road. Follow that east a couple miles and you'll see Salvation Mountain on your right. Stop and check it out for sure and meet Leonard. If you want to be really cool, bring him some left over paint from home so he can paint more dirt for Jesus.

The Range is the stage flanked by two old school buses that will be impossible to miss. Just keep going down Beal Road and you'll come to the Range on your right about a mile after Salvation Mountain. If all else fails, ask any local or follow anyone on a motorcycle!

I talked with Builder Bill, the Pope of Slab City yesterday and they are all stoked to have us. I asked if there was anything we could bring to donate to the Slabbers, and he said they were just looking forward to getting some free beer. Who isn't? So, if you want to bring along some extra suds to share with the locals, bring it, it won't go to waste!

Here's a map from Long Beach.