Show Class People's Champ 2018

We already did a post earlier that highlighted all the bikes that packed the parking lot at Cook's Corner the night before Born Free Show 2018 for the Show Class Magazine People's Champ 2018. The builders who made the final cut after votes were cast on the internet were invited to roll their freshly-minted machines into the back patio area at Cook's and we hoped get them up on display boxes and dropped some lights on 'em from the rigging above. The whole event has a friendly and casual vibe, with the six bikes on display definitely being the center of attention. While the beers flow and the joints spark, every person gets a single ticket and can drop it in the voting can in front of the their favorite bike. Eventually the tickets get counted and the winner is crowned. How's that for the democratic process? This year we were stoked to see our buddy Josh Sheehan get the most votes and get to put his bike in the big show at Born Free for the rest of the weekend. Below are some detail photos of each bike. No matter which one you'd pick, they all are inspiring and show tons of detail and hard work.

Curt Bennet

Dual-carb, reverse-head Shovester with divorced 4-speed. Yeah, that and more. You could just pick any component on this bike and then spend several minutes trying to figure out it works, or how it was made. Definitely a metric shit ton of labor hours got poured into this bike.

Jeff Bloedorn

Jeff lost his damn mind! The intricate flower motif molded throughout made this knuckle chopper kind of a mind bender to look at. Again it was pretty obvious that many hours were spent on this bike.

Josh Sheehan

Deathtraps MC member and Basketcase Magazine frontman built himself a winner. Lots of neat details buried in this bike, but it still feels like a bike you could actually ride, which knowing Josh, is exactly the plan. That front end!

Lee Wiedrich

Bitchin' paint and lots of hand-fabricated details combined with plenty of traditional chopper goodness made this bike a serious contender. Check that oil tank and those mini floor boards for a couple of the more obvious bits.

Shamus Mathers

This bike looks absolutely tough as nails. The punk-ish studs fabricated into the primary were a neat surprise and it's hard to beat a full-chromed frame and those fork sliders!

Thomas Minor

Nothing says chopper like long, lean and laid-back. This bike was such a big 'un we had to prop up the front wheel on a milk crate and a rock, haha. That bayonet detaches just in case there's some dragons to be slain along the way to Valhalla.