Bike Alert! Reading Myspace 1 minute Next Will's KZ

Don't swear off Myspace yet. For telling a shit load of people the same thing at the same time, few social media sites are better. For instance, if you are attending the Bash next month, why not share your route to Lake Skinner with your cyberfriends? Myspace and Google make that sort of thing easy, and no one can fault you for trying to put together a fun ride even if doing it on Myspace feels creepy and lame. It's the 21st century—get over it.

I just sent a bulletin to our 614 Myspace friends, and if you're one of them I hope you'll forward that bulletin to your friends. If you don't use the tools available to improve your scene, you can't really bitch because things are lame.

Thanks for caring, and thanks for sharing. Stay tuned to this blog and our Myspace page for more news as it develops (I'm updating photos as we speak…) 

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