McGoo and I had the opportunity to go to the Mooneyes Show for our 2nd year in a row and it is the biggest influence on me of any show we go to throughout the year by far. Shige Suganuma has done amazing things with the Mooneyes brand and has really done alot to help promote people and companies that are setting trends and bring new style to the attention of many. Thanks Shige!!! We caught up with Wes White showing some of his Four Aces Parts at the show. The Boys from Dice, Harpoon and Gabe were all there running rampant in the streets as well. Here are some of my favorite people that were showing at this event and their links. Check them out and its worth it even if you can't read Japanese. Oh and it was great to meet Mochi the guy behind all the great pics I've seen posted about the local scene in Japan. Thanks Mochi!

Flickr page with a bunch of photos from the show

Tsutomu Hasegawa or Tom as we came to know him is a great guy and makes some amazing cast parts. Thanks to Tom for his hospitality and letting us hang with him and his crew. See ya in January!

Brat Style
Gou (and I know I spelled that wrong) is a brilliant and genious builder that needs to be recognized more for the incredible bikes he builds. I can't say enough about what he does but Mcgoo, Wes and I stared at one of his bikes in silence when we saw it for about 10 minutes the first day.

My jaw is still dragging on the ground. He is an artist, engineer, historian and visionary. His bikes make you think and want to push limits in so many ways. He is also very humble with no attitude and totally approchable. He speaks no english whatsoever though.

Bull Original
I don't know how to spell his name so I won't even try but his company is known as Bull Original. He was in a Dice magazine earlier in the year and the bikes and parts he had at the event really help drive his scene bringing tons of style. It was great to see them first hand.

Michael Lichter
was on hand so watch for some great photos in some of the Easyriders magazines hopefully or on his website. Michael is a super photographer and has been documenting the lifestyle for decades with some of the most premier images you could wish for.

Check the Flickr page for all our pics and here is a small sample of some of my favorites

McGoo hit a late growth spurt in Japan this year. Weird

Brat Style Rules!


Candy Triumph

Favorite Parking Lot Ride

Ladies Love Cool Wes