Lowdown on the Hoedown

Lowdown on the Hoedown

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Hwy. 74 kicks ass.

We ran the route for the DicE magazine Hangover Ride this morning just to make sure everything is in order. It's all good, no snow, ready to ride. Here's the scoop.

1. Leaving Kutty's at 10:00AM Friday
2. It is about 70 miles total
3. There is a gas station right in the middle
4. Shop rags with the map printed on them will be given out Friday morning or you can see/print the basic map here: MAP
5. Once you get on Florida from Kutty's house there are only about 5 turns, if you can't keep up, bring a map, you'll find it.
6. This is a super fun route that has a lot of elevation changes, good twisties and plenty of wide open space.

How many outlaws does it take to hang a banner?

Hippy Killer Hoedown. The Noteboom's have been working their asses off to get ready for a couple hundred dirty bikers to sleep in their new back yard. To help offset some of this, Kutty is going to be asking for a small donation on the way in. Don't be a cheap ass, give the man the $5.00 and have a great time. We'll be out there in the afternoon on Thursday and are really looking forward to it. See ya'll there.