Help for Japan

Help for Japan

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It is safe to say one thing about the whole motorcycle community, we like to rally around causes and pitch in when we have a chance. I don't know if it is the whole paying it forward thing, or if it is just kind of prewired into most people who are drawn to bikes in the first place or if it is the DIY mentality that machines beat into you given enough time. Take the recent disaster in Japan. There are a multitude of ways to help out, but three of our friends have risen up with their own volunteer ideas to generate some Yen. Take your pick.

Shawn at Imperial House is selling these limited edition, signed prints with all of the proceeds going to two different funds. Check it here.

Walter and the boys at Kickstart Cycle teamed up with Shinya for this t-shirt and all money collected goes straight to the American Red Cross. Details here.

Dan Collins at Victory Tattoo and Old Gold Garage has a page set up through Just Giving and you can actually watch the money roll in.

Do what you can. Even if you can't give, you can help by spreading the word via Facebook, blogs, etc.