Get your Sportster On!

Get your Sportster On!

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Lifted from QCB.

From a storied history of semi-secret annual gatherings of friends on a beer soaked Carolina back porch to a muddied Ohio campground comes the second installment of a new tradition. Moved to the dryer climate of Texas, the tomfoolery. jackassery, and sophomoric shennanigans once reserved solely for the private gatherings of the Quad Cam Bastards club members are once again available for public participation.

The second annual BASTARD BASH is open to any and all home builders with a commitment to building and riding Harley Davidson Sportster / Buell-powered choppers. Our event will be held October 16-18, 2009 in Hico, Texas. HOME BUILT SPORTSTERS ONLY. (Everyone is welcome and stock bikes are allowed but may be be berated, belittled, beaten with their own festoonery or forced to park in the not-cool section.)

A prepaid cover charge of 20 bucks gets you in, pays for your camping spot, and buys your first donation to the community beer and food fund. This charge helps pay for our two-day private property rental - we're not out to make money on this!

This event is what "motorcycle events" are becoming again: A gathering of friends and like-minded individuals for the purpose of celebrating the machine - NOT a made-for-TV ticket to a lifestyle-for-a-weekend, complete with contrived scheduled events and scripted photo opportunities to freak out the squares back at the office on Monday.

The Bastard Bash will be what we make it. Good times, chopped sportsters, and great friends. Riding, wrenching, and laughing until we pass out under the stars.

Disclaimer: We'll allow NO cheezy vendors of do-rags, cheap leather vests, helmet stickers, turkey legs, or five-dollar beers. We'll cater to NO corporate agendas. We'll stage NO "lifestyle" moments, perform no circus tricks, and invite no Hollywood camera crews. We are not responsible for any lost limbs, serious head injuries, or liver damage.

Be there or be square.

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