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Master builders from Hank Young to Paul Yaffe have commissioned Duane Ballard to build seats for their creations. Last fall we asked Duane to participate in an R&D experiment with early prototypes of our solo seat. As he always does, Duane followed his muse through unimagined territory to craft this ghoulish tour de force. The Frankenseat did some time on my Smokin' Gun, but my our friend Kim liked it so much, he asked if we'd let him display it in his pristine garage. Anyone who has seen Kim's garage knows why we were flattered by the prospect, and Duane's whimsical Biltwell seat hangs in Kim's garage among many other fine examples of "motomobilia."


At a recent meeting with him in Cincinnati a few weeks ago, Duane expressed interest in developing a line of "production custom" leather Biltwell solo seats. Such a line would really round out our current offerings of black and white vinyl. Duane's looking at ways to streamline his handcrafting process to keep the price for these new seats reasonable, and he's already begun noodling with stitching patterns, tanning and designs.


We'll keep you posted on Duane's project as it develops. In the mean time, feel free to contact Duane directly if you want one of his full custom seats. Duane uses our solo pans to build custom seats for his customers, and as you can see, his work is stellar.

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