El Cheapo Update

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Finally got some time this morning to tear into the Sportster. Seems a few rough roads took their toll on the stock rubber isolator mounts for the oil bag and battery tray. This shorted out one wire that got caught under the tray and the vibration wasted the battery. A couple new mounts from McGoo's parts bin, a new battery, a nice bath, and it's back on the road. Also, got some cool new bars from Boylecomm to try out. They are real low and I narrowed them a little more. Kinda has that drag bike feel with more style than just a broomstick. The best news is that I tore the seat up a little bit so instead of doing another home-made job, it's going to Duane Ballard for a real seat cover. I've seen wallets, bags and a bunch of solo seats from DB, but never a seat like this so I'm pretty stoked to see what he cooks up. In the mean time I rode it around with no seat and after last week, it actually doesn't seem that bad...



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