Classic Cycles Inc.

Classic Cycles Inc.

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I had a chance to stop by Andy & Tony Dunn's shop in Orange, CA tonight. This father and son shop did a bunch of work on my old gold Triumph over the last couple years and it's cool to have seen them grow out of their personal garages and into a totally respectable, real live shop. Andy's got a knack for keeping things clean. He's one of those dicks who can probably work on a bike all day in a white t-shirt. I get dirty just looking at 'em. Him and his dad have turned this one-bay shop into a surgery ward for old iron, especially British, though there might be a Harley or Honda hiding out here and there too. The shop does everything from tune & service work to major rebuilds and customizing. Check 'em out here:

Motor rebuilds are probably what the shop is best known for.

Here, you can see why. A sectioned bench keeps rebuilds in progress organized.
Note actual work orders on the wall by each one.

Full-on build in progress, using a Flyrite Loner frame that Andy had nothing but good words for.
Yep, it even comes with our seat bracket.
Anyone got a 45 springer they want to sell?
Note BSA pipes and Classic Cycles finned motor mounts.

G.I. Joe called, he wants his bike back. It's a 1940 BSA WM20 flatty single. (I had to ask.)

They specialize in Triumphs, but that's not all they've got in the works.

Probably the best advertising a shop can have.
Andy's personal pre-unit. Lots of neat shit going on here.

Gepetto and Andy get ready to start the "night shift".