CLOSEOUT Renegade TPV Grips
CLOSEOUT Renegade TPV Grips

CLOSEOUT Renegade TPV Grips

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Direct from Biltwell! These are genuine, new-in-box Biltwell products. They are closeout items which have been discontinued and are no longer available through our regular dealer network so we are selling them at clearance prices. Shipped within 2 days of order directly from Biltwell HQ in Temecula, CA.  Since these are limited quantity items that are being closed out at a discount, there are no returns, exchanges or refunds. These closeout items are not available anywhere else.


These grips are factory mistakes that came in a kinda odd Light Grey color that we didn’t like enough to add to the current line of Biltwell grips. They are brand-new, in the box and ready to slide onto just about any motorcycle that accepts rubber grips. In each pair of grips, one has an inside diameter that's sized for the handlebar side and the other has a slightly larger inside diameter to slide onto a conventional throttle. Available in 1" or 7/8" options.




CLOSEOUT Renegade TPV Grips

  • Available in 1" or 7/8"
  • Injection-molded Thermoplastic Vulcanizate synthetic Rubber is soft, durable and highly UV-resistant
  • Thick one-piece molded end design for durability
  • Safety wire grooves for added security
  • Aftermarket throttle tube required to install Biltwell grips on stock H-D hand controls—see our Whiskey Throttle

These Biltwell grips are available in 1" and 7/8". The size refers to the outside diameter of the bar end on the left side of your motorcycle. If you don’t know the O.D. of your handlebars, measure with a caliper, an open-end wrench or other device. Each set of grips comes with two grips: one for the clutch side (small inside diameter) and one for the throttle (larger I.D.) Installing the wrong grip on either side may result in loose-fitting grips or grips that can tear and stretch too far during installation.