Brothers, Unite!

Brothers, Unite!

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Recently, much has been said and written in the mainstream media about “The New Dude” in the chopper scene. Not surprisingly, lone wolves, hardcore builders and riders like us find this kind of stereotyping downright offensive. If you agree, there’s a way for your voice to be heard:

The Biltwell Rider’s Organization is a brotherhood a hard-riding men who refuse to follow the status quo. Cooler than an “Owner’s Group” and less structured than a cult, B.R.O. is THE organization for today’s backstreet builder and tomorrow’s hardcore chopper rider.

With membership in the B.R.O., everyone can feel the wind in his beard. Join B.R.O. and here’s what you’ll get:

Supporter ($100):
• B.R.O. membership card and windshield decal
• 1-year subscription to “Lanesplitter,” the official B.R.O. online e'zine
• Paisley B.R.O. bandana

Hangaround ($250):
Everything Supporters get, plus:
• Cast aluminum B.R.O. keychain
• B.R.O. t-shirt and embroidered Outlaw Spirit™ terrycloth wristband
• B.R.O. friendship on Myspace and Facebook!

Disciple ($500):
Everything Hangarounds get, plus:
• Biltwell metalflake open-face helmet with matching tinted bubble shield
• Vans high-top skateboard shoes
• Cuffed Levi's 501 jeans and sleeveless denim jacket with assorted eBay patches

Because exclusivity and individuality are important to everyone at Biltwell, membership in the B.R.O. will be limited to the first thousand riders. To start enjoying the privileges of BROtherhood today, please click this LINK.