Pink Taco Update

Pink Taco Update

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Duane Ballard is coming to Biltwell HQ tomorrow to do a fitment test on the seat he's making for my Street tracker project. He's making good time on my shit and his own crazy custom bike. Here's some more photos for your viewing pleasure:

The view from the rear. Duane's building his bike around a dead CB750 carcass—the finished motor is MUCH more dope than this roach.

The bird cage structure forms the gas tank and the backbone of the entire bike. The fender will be integrated into the frame, and it forms the back of the tank.

Another view of the birdcage in progress.

After fabbing the birdcage, I promised Duane I'd take him and his chassis to S&M BMX for some really nice TIG welds. Timmy Balls is the S&M shop foreman and a chopper freak himself, so he's psyched to help. Thanks in advance for all the help, Balls.