El Cheapo Update 3-22

El Cheapo Update 3-22

Well, she fired back up tonight. After chasing some electrical questions around a bit and determining that I had spark, the only thing that could be stopping it was a lack of gas. Then I remember taking apart a VOES vacuum petcock on a sporty I owned years ago. Of course all of that crap got tossed long ago on this project, so I had to get the thing to flow without vacuum. A quick search on the Journal netted the simple mod - reversing the spring inside the petcock let's the life juice flow unaided by sucking. Sweet! 15 minutes later, kabam! It fired right to life like it was supposed to.

Now the loose ends gotta be buttoned up, but it's a runner as it sits. Still haven't ridden it yet, but that's coming soon. I'll probably lower it in front and go back to the struts eventually. For now, it's running with shocks and the tall front end.

Here's what I learned;

It could have been done way cheaper and easier if I had chosen to just lace up a 21" wheel and keep the narrow glide front end. But, wouldn't be quite as chunky looking and I like that big meat out front, and the Tokico four-pot.

I love the seat. We are developing a better version with the same profile, but even easier install and of course slightly better cover.

Risers. There is a lack of good, clean, functional risers on the market. I chose the best ones I could find, but Chris has already drawn up some that have a little more style without being too funky for a plain-Jane unit like this bike. Same thing with a throttle housing. Not too much to choose from out there. Cheap ass mini-bike quality for under $20 or super trick stuff for well over $100. Perfect Biltwell material there and the prototype that Chris loaned me snaps like a well-prepped dirt bike, I love it!

I dig the circuit breakers instead of using fuses, but only some hard, real-world miles will tell how well they hold up. I predict they'll work fine.

The Aces bars that Wes designed are great and get even better when narrowed, at least on this bike.

Budgets are made to be broken. My original goal was to not exceed 5k total and I haven't added the latest receipts but I probably went $500 over. Wheels and powder coating add up quick. So do trips to the hardware store for stainless.

I like the MX pegs and am working on a set for the passenger.

I need a kill switch. Duh.

The pipe kit rules. I almost hope this one falls apart so I can do another set.

These bikes are a good format for a novice builder like me to start with. Easy to find, easy to register, parts are readily available and so is advice from a decent local shop like ours. Anyone who tells you it's a great wife bike is just keeping prices depressed so us normal working-stiffs can afford em' so don't let them in on the secret!

If you have no idea what I'm talking about, you can check out the original blog, towards the bottom of this page. Way more photos and descriptions are on my flickr page here if you are REALLY bored.

Big thanks to McGoo for all his help and for being the original inspiration for an evo sporty in the first place.

Happy Easter.