Instagram: @barnfiend

Location: Buffalo, New York

Bike Year / Motor: 1990 / Mild build 80" Evo with Racedyne heads and a Morris magneto

  1. Who are you, where are you from, what is your day job? My name is Craig Westfall from Buffalo NY. By day I am a high school technology teacher.
  2. Point out some of your favorite details: From the get-go I set out to build a bike that was fast, simple, and reliable. It also had to look good. I didn't reinvent the wheel, I just wanted to build a bike I would want to actually ride. I think everything meshes well together aesthetically but my favorite details are the one-off parts like the sissy bar/tail light, rotors, gas tank panels, exhaust and gas tank because the time and effort it took to make them paid off in the end.
  3. What were some of your biggest struggles building the bike? The most challenging parts of building the bike were time management, deadlines, and managing expectations. You only have 10 months to build a show bike that needs to be able to make it down the road. You've got people watching you build this thing, so you want to do the best job that you can do; that means no cutting corners, no half-assing. Meanwhile, everyday life stuff is happening that is preventing you from working on the bike and the looming due date adds a whole other layer of stress. In the end, hard work pays off.
  4. Did you learn any new skills building the bike? I learned tons of new skills! My tig welding got A LOT better. I would say my fabrication skills as a whole improved as did my metal finishing and polishing skills. I used my 1930's South Bend lathe a ton. I don't have a mill at home so I had to outsource some of the machining but in the process of doing that I also learned some CAD.
  5. How does it ride? The bike rides great... I can't believe how light and nimble it is. It feels like it weighs 400 lbs.. Been wanting a Big Twin Evo chopper for a long while and I don't regret my decision.  
  6. Anyone you want to thank? FIRST I WANT TO THANK EVERYONE THAT REACHED OUT WITH WORDS OF ENCOURAGEMENT AND AFFIRMATION AND/OR ANYONE THAT REPOSTED MY STUFF. IT MEANS A LOT! Beyond that...Ben Jeff for the frame, Baker Drivetrain for the deal on the transmission, Morris Magneto and Eric FNA for the magneto, Christian Newman for always answering my calls and allowing me to come over and annoy you, Chris from Spoke and Dagger for the design and execution of the rotors and tank panels, Peter Quikcolor for the awesome paint job, Lowbrow Customs for the builders discount on parts, prism supply for the tail light, Jacob Conard for making me a set of bars, B&C for making me a seat, BA Enterprises for the engine work, Dave at Broken Sprocket Garage for helping with the brake plumbing, Barnett for the clutch, and my girlfriend Noelle for not murdering me during this process. Lastly I want to thank the guys at Biltwell for doing this whole thing, I truly think that they do it for the right reasons and the support I received from them cannot be understated.