Instagram: @superiorvintageiron

Location: San Jose, California

Bike Year / Motor: 1955 / Panhead

  1. Who are you, where are you from, what is your day job? Nick Turner - San Jose, Ca - Fleet Mechanic
  2. Point out some of your favorite details: The Sissy bar is something that me and Kayson spent a lot of time on and really feel it’s a standout part of the bike.  It’s quite special that my friend Kayson wanted to help me with it.  The exhaust was something that I really love and trying to keep my pants from melting will be a challenge haha, but the design and fab of it really came out special thanks to big Mike.  Mikey with the body work and Tony with the paint has really taken the bike above and beyond of what I thought it could look like. So having them involved with that aspect really made the details stand out.  The engine is extra special to me because when I found it, it had been built sometime in the past by my uncles shop in Campbell. 
  3. What were some of your biggest struggles building the bike? A lot of the fabrication of the foot controls and machining of the twisted hex stock was a challenge.  Getting the geometry and placement for proper operation of the clutch and brake. 
  4. Did you learn any new skills building the bike? Learned some more machining skills with the lathe and honed some more skills with the tig welder.  Modifying linkerts to flow more and really focusing on fit and finish.  
  5. How does it ride? It's fast, thirsty, and doesn't stop well.  I love it
  6. Anyone you want to thank? Mikey (right hand man), Tony P, Alex K, Kayson, Big Mike (eighty four), Dustin, ABC Plating, Baisley Hi Performance