Seat Crafter Special

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Our Biltwell solo seat gained rapid popularity among leatherworkers and saddle crafters from coast to coast. That's due in no small part to the enthusiasm and support master craftsmen like Xian, Duane Ballard, Rich Phillips and others showed our rugged and stylish pan during the infant stages of its development.

Now those pans are available in a raw state with matching molded foam for DIY builders and garage-shop leathersmiths who practice this valued art.


In much the same manner as we tried to give helmet painters a jump start in that cottage industry, we are proud to offer the Biltwell Seat Crafters package to leatherworkers and journeymen stitchers.

To qualify for this program, all you need to do is send an email to The initial buy-in for the starter package of six raw pans with foam is priced to offer fair margins on the finished product without stepping on the toes of our dedicated wholesalers and retailers.

Our goal is to help up-and-coming seat crafters get into the business. By doing so, we'll score some love in eBay stores and local swap meets—a classic symbiotic relationship if ever there was one.


We currently offer finished vinyl-covered solo seats in two colors and two different stitch patterns, so we're hoping you leather men out there will gravitate to this program.


Please email us for pricing and delivery information. Thanks in advance for all your support.