Whether it’s riding BMX, racing mountain bikes, or twisting the wick on his race-prepped Dyna, @ravi_savage does his thing, his way

Name, age, hometown.
Ravi Patel, 23 years old from Riverside, California.

Name, age, hometown.
I grew up racing downhill mountain bikes, so two wheels isn’t foreign to me. It took lots of practice and crashing to get where I am today, but I’m still nowhere near where I want to be. This sport is constantly growing, and there is so much more to learn.Savage Interview

Pepperoni or Canadian bacon?
Pepperoni, aye!

Who were the guys you looked up to when you were younger?
Guys like Twitch, the Unknown Industry guys, and @tallboytee all inspired me to do what I like to do. These guys are shredders and everyone made their passion their career!

Who do you look up to nowadays?
Eric Stahl from @jiffytune—he paved his own path and made his way into MotoAmerica racing a Harley as a privateer. Seeing a guy do something on his own is so rad, and something that inspires me to go out and do more.Savage Interview

Dobermans! Why not pit bulls?
I didn’t choose the dobe life, the dobe life chose me. Plus, have you seen the size of Blue’s chest?

Besides riding, what are your other interests?
My life outside riding is rad! I love to be outdoors all the time. Whether it’s hiking, going to the dog beach, or riding my BMX bike, I love to be active and outside. On my off time, I’m usually crafting little art projects or working on new bike builds.Savage InterviewSavage Interview

Best cop story?
Ooof—there are a bunch! My favorite one has to be when I got pulled over at Quaid Harley-Davidson’s Ride the Runway back in 2019. I was brought out to the event to lead the group of Harleys that were entering the air show—the promoters wanted me to do some wheelies. So I’m doing a wheelie mid-runway and I see lights in my mirror coming up hot. When I set it down this motorcycle officer pulls next to me screaming “Pull the fuck over!” on his PA. I pulled to the side of the airstrip in the middle of the show while the cop kept chewing me out—he wanted to throw me out of the event! After talking with event coordinators the officer let me go, but he was not happy about it and definitely made it clear he didn’t like me. Funny thing was, everyone on Instagram thought it was staged!

Like my old pal Otto told me, “Nice guys finish first. It might take a while, but they always finish.” That motto has stuck with me ever since I heard it, and I’ve been living by it ever since.

Any regrets?
I try to live my life with no regrets, as I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. There’s no such thing as a mistake, only a redirection.

Any advice for young up-and-comers?
My best advice for young riders is to stay humble and be a nice person. No matter how good a rider you are, if you aren’t nice, no one will want to support you or be your friend. Like my old pal Otto told me, “Nice guys finish first. It might take a while, but they always finish.” That motto has stuck with me ever since I heard it, and I’ve been living by it ever since.Savage Interview

There are so many people and companies that have helped me in my riding career and in my personal life. From learning how to ride and work on bikes, to being a good person in today’s society—so many people have contributed knowledge and experience to help create who I am today. Shoutout to everyone around me, and thanks to every single one of you!RaviRavi

What’s the story on your new project @savagepowerhouse?
Savage Powerhouse is a partnership between me and The Chopper Place in Riverside, CA. We started it to bridge the gap between new- and old-school. With 50-plus years of knowledge from the guys at The Chopper Place and my younger style, it was time to merge the generations and work together. Savage Powerhouse is an e-commerce site that offers parts, tools, gear, and accessories for all powersports. These days people seem so misinformed about so many things. Our goal is to offer trustworthy and reliable sales and service to people in the powersports industry, and those who are just learning. We are also a Harley-Davidson road race team that’s working toward getting into MotoAmerica.

Your girl Mel’s pretty hot—think you’ll be able to keep her?
Ha! I’m trying, man. She’s definitely way out of my league, but I’m trying to give us normal guys hope!Savage Interview