Rouser Rolls a Fatty

Rouser Rolls a Fatty

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Our good friend and Pro-Leisure Tour Champion Rob “Rouser” Galan likes to zig when everyone else zags. With the current rage of lifted, club-style FXR’s ripping around our HQ in Southern California, there was no way he was gonna build a bike that blended in. Starting with an S&S V111, a hand-me-down frame, a pair of 16” tires and some old yellow tins, the shape of "Gordo" started to become apparent. Rob wanted it low, fat and mostly black. At first glance it seems like an all-black bike. Little bits of Pete “Hot Dog” Finlan’s candy orange paint on the oil tank, inside the fairing and on the tank strap reveal themselves oncee you give it a second look.

Well, while I was in Panama during my non-work months I see a new video on Biltwell’s Insta feed. It’s Otto talking about my ugly FXR and telling the world that my EVO was tired and clapped, then all of a sudden he knifes open a box and there is a new S&S V111 longblock in there, and he says,”Here you go Rob.”

I was so stoked, I watch the video clip a dozen times, my legs were shaking with excitement, all sorts of ideas were racing thru my head on how to make the “ugly” FXR nicer to compliment the new engine that was just gifted to me from Biltwell and S&S.

Rob can build anything to a high standard, whether it’s his off-road Toyota Troopy or his street-only XR400 and while they might start out at a show-quality level, they all get used and abused on the regular. This thick FXR will be no different. He’s planning on riding this to the Arctic Circle with us next year, so it’ll be well shaken down before he beats it up on the Dalton Highway for hundreds of miles of wet gravel.
We made sure to get lots of photos before the bike gets hammered, and you can click below to watch Rob talk about the build process and show you around the bike.

Biltwell Parts List

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Spec Sheet:

1993 HD FXR-SP

S&S V111
S&S Shorty E carb w/mini teardrop air cleaner(now has a Tribute air cleaner)
Metzler Cruisetec 16" tires
Kinetic front motor mount
CCE swingarm bearing kit
Cycle Electrics charging kit
Dyna 2000i ignition w/twin fire coil
HD 5spd trans w/ Baker shift drum, forks, and shifter paw
Alloy Art shift linkage
Barnett extra plate clutch pack
Rouserworks 2 into 2 w/Cone Engineering mufflers
Jagg oil cooler
Speed-Kings Hoop crash bar
AMF 16 spoke mags front&rear
FLT front end
Klock Werks Thickster front fender
Drag Specialties steering stabilizer
Memphis Shades Road Warrior faring
Biltwell Apes w/Thunder risers
Biltwell Kung Fu grips
Biltwell prototype Punisher Pegs
Motion Pro cables
Pangea Speed mirrors
Trail Tech Striker speedo
PIAA horn
Badlands turn signal harness
Hugh’s Handbuilt sprocket lock
Hugh’s Handbuilt swingarm saver
Bare Knuckle Choppers rear axle blocks
Saddlemen custom seat
Custom Dynamics headlight
Drag Specialties Taillight
Drag Specialties mini front turn signals
Alloy Art rear strut turn signals
Powerplant rear brake arm
Hot Dog paint