Q&A With Taylor Mathis

Q&A With Taylor Mathis

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The Hardest Working Guy at Kernville

Taylor Mathis
Every October, our company hosts a motorcycle hoedown at Frandy Campground in Kernville, CA. Nearly 1,200 people ride in for a weekend of cheap camping, loud music, and free booze. Being an old devil dog himself, Kernville Kampout commandant Bill Bryant likes to enlist a group of moonlighting Marines to manage the mayhem. The top guy on Kernville security crew is a USMC machine gunner named Taylor Mathis. This is his story, and he’s sticking with it.Taylor MathisWhat’s your job in the Marine Corps and how long have you been in?
My job in the Marines is a Machine Gunner, and I’ve been in for 9 years. 

You a lifer?
I wouldn’t say I’m a lifer but, I’ll stay in as long as they’ll have me. Taylor MathisHow long you been riding?
I’ve been riding for about 5 years now. 

What’s your favorite kind of riding?
Favorite riding style is definitely long trips with the occasional stunts in between. Taylor MathisYou run security at Kernville Kampout and other Biltwell events. How’s that treating you?
Working security at Kernville and other events has been a blessing and an eye
opener. Being able to see and meet the different kinds of bikers and even being able to just put some miles down going to the events is something I’ll always be grateful for. Taylor MathisWhat’s the weirdest thing you’ve seen happen at Kernville?
(the girl who peed her overalls lol? Maybe worse stuff I don’t even know about? -Bill)
I would have to say the weirdest thing I’ve seen so far at Kernville would definitely be a tie between the lady peeing her overalls and then falling in a bush, and the random drunk local who came in looking for a car that apparently vanished. Taylor MathisWhat’s the hardest part about working Kernville?
I think the hardest part about working Kernville is just dealing with the few people who just find it necessary to rev their bikes in the middle of the night.

2020 has been a wild ass year. Anypredictions for 2021?
2020 has definitely been one for the books. I can see the country going back to
somewhat normal next year and allowing us to have those good times again.Taylor MathisTaylor MathisTaylor MathisTaylor MathisTaylor MathisTaylor MathisTaylor Mathis