Pipe Kits Back in Stock!

Pipe Kits Back in Stock!

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We just stocked up approximately 6,000 lbs of Builder's Pipe Kits on Friday. We've been out of 'em since before Christmas, so it's good to have 'em back and ready to ship. Whether you are a novice builder or a seasoned pro, these kits take a lot of the headache out of fabbing up a unique set of pipes for your bike. Since they come with flanges to fit just about every HD engine, the scraps come in handy down the road on other bikes, etc.

One trick Chris did last year was to weld on the Evo Flanges on the open end of some short pipes on his Panhead. Those radiused flanges make a nice, finished tip. Another tip: the ironhead flanges make a nice slip joint if you need to make a pipe in two pieces. And, of course for a really nice finish, you could always slip in a set of our tips to really dress 'em up.

Two 3.5-inch radius (90mm) U-bends with straights
Two 5-inch radius 134mm) U-bends with straights
Two Evolution flanges
Two Shovelhead flanges
Two Ironhead flanges
Two fishtail tips

More details HERE. Find a shop that sells them HERE. If you are a shop and want to buy wholesale, hit up Lick's, Mid USA, W&W or Custom Chrome.

Brits, you can save some shipping dough and buy from Vintage Chop.

We'd like to collect some pics of pipes you've made with the kit, so if you've got some, send 'em to me here: Email