Loaded For Adventure

Loaded For Adventure

Go Everywhere and Take Everything with EXFIL Saddlebags

Choosing the perfect motorcycle luggage system is tough. Hard cases are expensive, and their smooth painted surfaces make them less than ideal for lugging extra gear like bedrolls and tents. Lockable adventure boxes are rugged, but their tin shed construction looks agricultural on FXRs, Dynas, and Softails. EXFIL saddlebags fill the gap perfectly. Both models feature ballistic-grade synthetic materials and hand-crafted construction to create saddlebags that work hard and look great. Like every piece of moto luggage in our line, EXFIL saddlebags are engineered for universal fitment and easy installation on a wide range of custom motorcycles.

EXFIL saddlebags come in two sizes: 36 and 18. Their names refer to the number of 12-ounce cans each bag can hold—36 per bag for the large set, 18 each in the small pair. Both systems include a mounting yoke with Velcro panels for adjustable fitment and heavy-duty nylon zippers for fast detachment after the ride. MOLLE on the exterior provides lashing and expansion points so you can haul more gear on long rides. Two snug, waterproof nylon covers included with each set will protect your gear when Mother Nature changes your game plan.

Who says you can’t take it with you? Not EXFIL-36. This setup holds everything…

18” long x 11” tall x 8” wide equals enough interior volume to hold thirty-six 12-ounce barley pops.

Multiple interior compartments for organizing and storage

EXFIL-18 Half the size. All the utility

13.5” long x 8.75” tall x 7.5” wide equals enough interior volume to hold eighteen 12-ounce, crispy boys.

High-vis orange interior lining makes spotting contents easy