Ground Zero 2010

Ground Zero 2010

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This just in from Trent about this year's GZ.

Ok, so this year is gonna be quite a bit different than years past.

1. NO Albuquerque.. we are staying in the mountains for 2 days this year... riding, bbqing, partying, camping.

2. There may or may not be a "bike show", if there is one.. it will be mandatory that you rode your bike from wherever it is you came from.

3. The party is the LAST WEEKEND IN AUGUST.

Havent set a price on chow yet.. it will be reasonable and for both days. There will be a tip jar for Gabe, please.. tip him. His chow is world class, show him the love.
Reserve, NM is the location. Exact camp area not set yet. I will be leaving the compound Friday morning. If you want to ride with me plan on being ready to roll around 10 or so AM. More to come as I figure it out.

If you haven't been to a Ground Zero event yet, make this one. The best part was always the riding and camping anyway, so I'm stoked to see it get stripped down to the essentials.