Giddy Up Vintage Chopper Show


Giddy Up Vintage Chopper Show, New Braunfels, TX

Year four of the Giddy Up took place at the River Road Ice House in New Braunfels, Texas again this year and as has been the case with past events, the Hill Country was hoppin’ with guys and gals on choppers from all over the U.S. in town to sip on Lone Star, hang out in the blue bonnets endemic to the area and take in the tunes of the Texas Troubadour himself, Dale Watson. I don’t know if ya’ll have ever been to Texas but the weather can be quite volatile in the spring yet somehow Matt, Marco, John and Joey always get the Gods of Chop to cooperate in that department and this year was no different. Guests were greeted by temps in the mid 80s that made for a perfect day to jam some gears, drink some beers and hang out in the Hill Country with friends, both new and old alike. The Ice House and the surrounding area, including the blue waters of the Guadalupe River, are a great setting for what I consider to be one of the best chopper shows in world. Factor in the Huaco Springs campground down the street from the party and you’ve gotta grand slam event. And what makes this show special is all the bikes that descend on the sleepy Austin suburb of New Braunfels every spring from all over the country. A couple California guys drug their scoots out, as did the Salt Lake City posse like Pangea Andy and his boys. JP Rodman of NewMex had his show-stopping trike in tow and the Prism Supply dudes also rolled down in force with a pair of perfect chops. All the outta towners meant the locals would come out swinging and guys like Chemical Candy Scott and Dan ‘Bacon’ Carr didn’t disappoint with their offerings to the aforementioned Gods of Chop. But if show bikes aren’t your thing, all ya had to do was make your way out into the street and check out the thousand plus bikes that that rolled down to the show. You name it, they rode it. If it had two wheels, chances are there was one or three parked outside the venue. Quite a few vintage scoots were mingled into the mix, alongside a ton of Dyna’s, Sporties, FXR’s and other bikes of different heritages. I usually spend a couple hours total throughout the day taking in the whips that trucked in all the show’s attendees. This year was even better that previous ones due to the fact cars and trucks were parked at the nearby Gruene HD dealer and their occupants shuttled over the the Ice House. All that and the Joey Cano built panhead the GiddyUp boys gave away meant this was another fun one in the Lone Star state. As always, thanks for including us! @giddy_up_tx @mattjackson13 @slab_side @johncollinsk