Introducing the new Biltwell Exfil-48 Backpack

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Introducing the Biltwell Exfil-48 Motorcycle Backpack. We've had some requests to do a backpack and a moto bag smaller than the Exfil-80 over the past year or so we decided to combine the two ideas. Like all of our bags, we use 12-ounce beer cans as a unit of measure, so this bag holds 48 frosties. That's plenty of volume for a couple-days worth of gear, it's more than enough for gym clothes and a lunch if you commute or whatever you might wanna cram in there. While the intent wasn't to make it a serious backpacking adventure device, it's pretty dang comfortable to wear, with thick padding against your back and lots of channels for ventilation. An integrated tool compartment and vertical compression straps for strapping on a bed roll or tent makes it even more practical for use on a motorcycle. A typical backpack is made of much thinner and lighter materials which aren't tough enough for motorcycle trips. We used UV-treated 1680 denier ballistic polyester, taped zippers, oversized buckles, and a high-vis interior lining, so it's got more in common with a tactical bag than a kid's book bag. Reflective stitching on all straps, hidden fuel/water bottle storage, integrated tool compartment and multiple mounting solutions make it a good fit for just about any bike with a sissy bar. Rugged enough for real moto adventures, but just the right size to work as a carry-on for air travel.    Tool compartment on front has pockets for 5 wrenches, plus a larger one for pliers or Vice-Grips. There's also two zippered compartments for loose junk.   Big loops down each side add structural integrity and allow you to add your own tie-downs or bungees to customize your mounting options.   This mounting position is perfect if you have a passenger. Of course you can flip it around and lean back on it too.    If your sissy bar has the additional luggage rack, those two vertical compression straps go right through it and are long enough to still add a bedroll or tent.    The integrated horizontal compression straps secure it to a sissy bar with two different options for routing depending on your set-up.   Note the burly carrying handle on top– slip that over a narrow sissy bar, or put a carabiner through it on OEM style bars. Fleece-lined pocket in top is perfect for glasses or a phone.   No excuse for not having your tools with you now.   Two pockets inside for tall bottles can be accessed from inside or through taped zippers on the outside. If you don't wanna use 'em, roll 'em up and they can be secured out of the way with stitched-in velcro tabs. Note the padded lap top sleeve and elastic retainers.   The bag makes a great backrest on an old chopper. Here Bill rolls up a towel and a couple outer layers to get the perfect backrest.   Backpack or backrest? Depends how ya use it! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xo5qw3UCn9A You can get more details on the Biltwell Exfil-48 Backpack here.