Everything You Need, and Less  – Gringo Helmet

Everything You Need, and Less – Gringo Helmet

The legion of young, adventurous builders and bikeriders who exploded onto the two-wheeled scene in the mid-aughts forced a tectonic shift in the style and attitude of motorcycle culture. Before folks like JD Sansaver of Flying Monkey Fabrication and Ashmore Ellis at Babes Ride Out rolled into the picture, being a “biker” meant cruising to the MoCo dealership for a free hotdog with a pudding bowl on your head—helmet laws suck! Come August, the truly committed trailered their Softails to Sturgis to do the bar crawl from Mt. Rushmore to Main Street—DILIGAF!

Like a Mandalorian hunting for his next bounty, this was The Way. Of course, kids born during the Reagan Administration grew up with different dreams. 9/11 forced teenagers to consider their own mortality. Smart phones put the world in the palm of their hands. YouTube taught everyone how to do anything. Instagram made going places and doing things seem not just possible, but manifest destiny YOLO!

In this light, it’s easy to see why dressing for the crash not the parking lot or the photo op—is the New Normal. Any #bestlife worth saving in the cloud is worth preserving with a proper full-face helmet, right? Of course, not just any helmet will do you need classic styling to complement your period correct chopper, and sufficient safety certifications to ride in all 50 states and several continents. If these are your measuring sticks, Gringo is your lid. Styled not over-styled—for modern bikeriders.

Built not over-built—for a lifetime of two-wheeled fun.

Dice Flames GringoDice Flame Gringo RiderGringo Flat TitaniumGringo Titanium Helmet Rider PhotoGringo Flat BlackFlat Black Gringo RiderGringo Gloss CopperGloss Copper Gringo HelmetGloss Coyote TanCoyote Tan GringoGloss BlackGloss Black Gringo RiderGloss Sea FoamGringo Sea FoamGringo Gloss Vintage WhiteGringo Vintage White