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Every Day Carry with Kyle Defoor

Several of us here at Biltwell are veterans and most of us are gun enthusiasts. Anyone who has spent any time in that world knows there is no shortage of kooks with loony ideas and bullshit opinions. It's my personal belief that people (me included!) should spend more time and money on proper training than on equipment they don't need or can't use correctly. Imagine the dude with all the "tacticool" garbage hanging off his super-operator combat rig but has no idea how to use it all properly. That's where a guy like Kyle Defoor comes in. He runs Defoor Proformance Shooting, and does training clinics for military, law enforcement and regular old nerds like us. He also happens to be an avid motorcycle nut who rides his Dyna to a lot of these classes and needed some gear that would be appropriate for the duty. He's now running a variety of our Exfil bags and was featured in the Feb/March issue of Tactical Weapons magazine. Kyle was stoked on the new Exfil-11 tank bag which suits his needs well: quick access zippers on each side, hi-vis interior, zippered gussets to expand over a Harley tank strap and of course MOLLE on the sides to clip or weave other modular components to the bag. Getting feedback from Kyle on current and future designs has been valuable and I look forward to enrolling in a class or two in the future. Thanks to Trent at Atomic Custom for the connection! -Bill Athlon Outdoors latest issue of Tactical Weapons Magazine is available on newsstands nationwide. Single copies and subscriptions are available at www.outdoorgroupstore.com or by calling 800-284-5668. Tactical Weapons Magazine