El Camino Swapmeet 2009 Debrief

El Camino Swapmeet 2009 Debrief

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Look close.

Wow. Great swap. Vendor spaces were sold out, walk-in crowd was robust and the number of great bikes was off the hook. We camped in place last night and kept it mellow this time. BFJosh unloaded his IH basketcase on the jackass that helped himself to trying to start my four-five without asking. Dude, don't do that, ever, OK? Just sayin... Anyway, the weather was unseasonably hot for Torrance and we had a good time. My favorite bike of the day was way out of my price range (all I bought was a Branch manifold, and a sunburn). AZ Nick and Chris both instantly pointed out this race-prepped knuckle that was right across from our set up. Stroked to 86" in a Cycle Shop frame, with dual Amals and dual discs up front and a disc in the back, that bike wasn't flashy but just killed. Look for a feature on ChopCult soon. Lots of other resto-types and more Triumphs and parts than could be absorbed in a single day. Torrance Allen shot a boat-load of pics you can see here: LINK

Peoples choice from our crew.

I have a weakness for desert sleds...

Seen it around for a long time now. Someone finish this thing with love!

Blue Collar Moto Chris in his natural habitat.

The difference between "marketing" and "sales".