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Control Freaks

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Even the Simple Things at Biltwell Get a High-Tech Twist

How much chemistry or manufacturing jargon can you squeeze from a motorcycle component with no moving parts? If you’re talking about Biltwell grips, quite a bit. If tech terms like forging, broaching, and thermoplastic vulcanizate put lead in your drafting pencil, hold on tight, because the science of motorcycle grips is about to get weird.

Torker GripsTORKER features a diamond-shaped pillow surface for comfort and traction, and durability to rival the soles on your favorite work boots. Flangeless design looks and feels great on choppers and sport bikes alike.

 Thruster Grips

Thruster employs feats of injection-molded wizardry that will have toolmakers talking for hours. By marrying the ergonomic surface of our Torker grip with the tall flange and oversized tip from our Renegade model, Thruster becomes the perfect grip for vintage dirt bikes, high-performance FXRs, or British desert sleds.

 Recoil GripsRecoil feels right at home on custom bikes of practically any vintage or pedigree. Like every grip in our quiver, this flangeless model boasts UV- and wear-resistant TPV rubber, or Thermoplastic Vulcanizate as over-achievers in AP Chemistry like to call it.

 Renegade GripsRenegade blends the football-shaped, micro-diamond surface design of our Recoil grip with Thruster’s tall flange and rugged tip to create the perfect grip for riders with big hands. TPV rubber with UV additives combat the sun’s fiery advances.


Kung Fu Grip

Kung Fu is the OG in our hand grip arsenal. Its spiral surface texture bends under pressure to create one of the world’s softest grips. Kung Fu grip’s mid-sized flange and decorative end detailing make this perennial top-seller a chopper classic.

Alumicore Grips AlumiCore isn’t the first modular grip for late-model Harleys, but it’s certainly the most advanced. Every AlumiCore grip is built on a CNC lathe-turned, 6061 T-6 aluminum sleeve. On throttle-by-wire models, this sleeve features a one-piece, internally broached aluminum gear interface—not a secondary chunk of glued-and-screwed plastic. Our dual-cable variant fits most stock and select aftermarket hand controls on late-model Harleys. Of course, the TPV rubber sleeves on AlumiCore Grips are replaceable, and available in the same colors as the rest of our grip line. One-piece core and end caps are polished after machining, then chrome or black electroplated for surface durability and appearance.