Bash Update

Bash Update

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We haven't said much about the "official" bike show at the upcoming Biltwell Bash because, well, we really haven't thought about it that much. Today, Hal laid down the law (and I've added a few notes) and here it is.

1) There will be a bike show (basically the whole weekend is a bike show)

2) Eligible bikes must be of the "run what brung ya" variety: no ringers on trailers, hand-buffed showstoppers or other such nonsense. If your bike doesn't have a license plate or a spec of dust on it, it won't be considered among the show entries

3) Random judges to be selected on the day of the event will pick first-, second- and third-place winners on the Bash Bike Show.

4) Judging will take place 6:00 pm Saturday, April 18, during the After Hours Chopper BBQ.

5) Prizes will include these cheesy steel trophies and goodie bags with t-shirts and gizmo's donated by the event's sponsors.

Anyone familiar with the way we've done it on past EDR's knows the drill. Random friends will get coerced into being judges and they'll check out bikes all day. Then they'll get heads full of beer and argue for approximately 3 and half minutes. Then McGoo will stand up on a picnic table or something and say a few well-crafted words about a few well-crafted motorbikes. Each winning rider will get a trophy and swag bag. Sponsors and supporters, homemade gift certificates work well since people can't fit much more junk on their bikes for the trip home. If you think your bike has a chance, be around the camp between 5-7 or so and you might get a trophy.

The Sponsors:
These people and companies love motorcycling, and they understand and embrace the spirit of this event:

47 Industries

Afterhours Choppers

American Icon

Atomic Custom

Ballast Point Brewing Co.

Baxter Motorcycle

Biltwell Inc.

Cro Customs

DicE Magazine

Duane Ballard Leather

Four Aces Cycle

Hippy Killer

Lowbrow Customs

Licks Cycles

Kickstart Cycle

S&M Bikes

Sinners Inc.

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