Back From The Smoke Out West

Back From The Smoke Out West

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Well we are back. One new tranny in the old van an extra day in Blythe and we are good as new! The ride was great and the weather was too. Thanks to Joel, Kim, Fredo, Oscar, Eric, David and Abe for riding along with us. We had a blast. The Smokeout was good too. Wes won the builders build off event and the event was a success.

Operation Charlie Foxtrot.

Happy birthday, Fredo!

Blythe is Beautiful!

On the road again...

Hockin' the goods.

Panheads Forever.

The Chop Off winner---Four Aces.

Wes and Jeff over at Four Aces built the Bike of the Year as you can see. Its even better in person, I could stare at it for hours. Congratulations on the Win guys Great Job! Check out the Four Aces site for more pics.