Mall of Confusion

Mall of Confusion

Last weekend we joined forces with our friends Kutty Noteboom and Duane Ballard to showcase our lowbrow biker ethos among the leather and lace crowd at the 25th Annual Love Ride. To everyone who visited our booth, thanks for your support. To Kutty's lovely wife Jamie, thanks for the cocktails. And to Lisa Ballard and family, thanks for toughing it out with us. You guys made it a great weekend!

For every one of these at the Love Ride…

There were 7,000 of these. The 25-acre motorcycle parking lot on day three was chubby apes and saddle bags as far as the eye could see.

The LA County Fairgrounds is home to the NHRA Hot Rod and Drag Racing Musuem. Kutty's father gave us a tour of the place, and it is awesome. A must-see for motorheads.

The Chitown Hustler was a treasured funny car in my Hot Wheels arsenal.

George Barris' work was well represented at the NHRA Musuem.

The Indian Owner's Club was hosting their annual meeting on the front steps of the NHRA Musuem, and this was where the coolest motorcycles of the weekend could be found.

Sweet Evil-inspired Indian minibike restoration.

I heart dirt trackers.

Throw lights on this and you'd be the baddest motherscratcher at Bike Night ANYWHERE in the U S of A.

If you think California Bike Week and The Love Ride is Mecca for badass iron, think again. Here's a random sampling of the cavalcade of kooks who came to The Love Ride to hawk their wares:

Sexican. Rhymes with "Mexican." I asked.

Big Belly Crew.

Bra Ladys (SIC)

Outlaw lifestyle (felony conviction not included)

Deliciously Evil.

How, you might be asking, do the 40,000 members of SoCal's denim and leather set pay for all this rad merch? H-D Visa!