Chop Cult! What are these Jackasses Up To this Time?

Chop Cult! What are these Jackasses Up To this Time?

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Bill, Chris and I started Biltwell about four years ago because we weren't into the flamin' wolves and howlin' devils that dominated the chopper scene at that time.

We launched the El Diablo Run in 2006 because we didn't like what motorcycle rides had turned into—basically "douchebag extravaganzas" with very little riding and even less soul.

In '08 we hosted the SoCal Chop Meet to add a little rust and reality to the weekend rally experience.

And just last spring we threw the Bash at Lake Skinner with a bunch of help from our friends so people could ride bikes, drink booze and raise hell without being surrounded by all the goofiness that seems to define the modern biker event in the mainstream.

The point to my rambling is simply this: we're DIY guys by nature, so when we see an opportunity, we're not afraid to jump into it with both feet. Even if doing so seems crazy.

Our latest wild hair is

There's nothing to see at yet, but when we launch the site this summer, ChopCult will be the first news magazine, blog feed, photo dump, public forum, online classifieds, social network and e-store for people and companies who build and ride custom motorcycles. All kinds: American, Japanese, British and European. Think your favorite message board without the content Gestapo, Newsweek without the politics, Myspace without the sex predators, Flickr without the nature shots, Craigslist without the retards and Google without the Viagra banners. Just cool people, old bikes and lots of 'em.

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-- McGoo