Biltwell + MotoStuka Tool Roll

img_9210 We've been quietly working with our friend Rob at MotoStuka on this neat little tool roll called the Exfil-0. (It won't hold a single beer, so our usual measuring device using beer cans didn't really apply, hence the zero). junk The thing that always bugged me about tool rolls was too many slots for wrenches and nowhere to put the little stuff like electrical tape, safety wire, fuses, spark plugs, etc. This Exfil-0 solves that issue by adding a nice little "junk drawer" pocket. img_9198 The straps make it pretty universal to mount on your risers, bars or a frame tube. I personally prefer stashing it in my larger Exfil-7 bag, and it was sized specifically to do that. open sockets toolpouch-number The materials on the bag are world-class; the waxed canvas feels like it'll last a lifetime and the leather is all hand-distressed just like Rob does on his gloves. All the materials were sourced in the USA and the bags were built in San Diego and Texas. We're only doing one production run of these, so if you snooze, you may lose. Get yours here. Thanks Rob! -Bill