Race Rules & Details


Biltwell Inc. (referred to as Biltwell hereinafter). Rules and/or regulations set forth herein are designed to establish minimum acceptable requirements and to provide for the orderly conduct of racing events. Effective January 1, 2020, these rules and regulations will govern all Biltwell events. All Biltwell members and racers willingly participating in these events are deemed to have read and agree to comply with these rules and regulations. No express or implied warranty of safety shall result from publication of or compliance with these rules and/or regulations. These rules and/or regulations are in no way a guarantee against injury or death to participants, spectators, or any person or persons. They are intended as a guide for the conduct of the sport only.


  1. Off-road racing is a hazardous sport, and with participation being voluntary, no entrant, pit crew member or vehicle sponsor shall have any claim for damages, expenses, lawsuits or otherwise against promoter, land owner, DP4, its officers, agents or directors arising from damage to any vehicle, personal injury or death, monetary loss of any kind whatsoever. Entrants, pit crew members or vehicle sponsors who voluntarily participate in any racing activities conduct under these rules waive any claim they may have against promoter, track operator, Biltwell, its officers, agents or directors.
  2. The Director shall have the authority to penalize, disqualify and/or suspend any entrant or crewmember for the violation of these rules including special rulings.
  3. Biltwell may issue special rulings to account for conditions presented by the location of the race, the condition of the course or any other circumstance.
  4. Supplementary regulations may be issued for each event as necessary to amend, suspend or modify existing rules and regulations
  5. Biltwell assumes no responsibility whatsoever for delays, postponements and/or cancellations of all or part of an event because of inclement weather, unsafe course conditions and/or any other reason.
  6. Biltwell members are not employees of Biltwell. Participants assume all responsibility for all charges; premiums and taxes payable on any funds they may receive as a result of their participation in any Biltwell-sponsored event(s).
  7. Biltwell reserves the right to refuse and/or deny any entry application.
  8. No racer is permitted to carry gasoline except for within the machine’s fuel tank.
  9. Safety equipment and machine eligibility are the sole responsibility of the racer.
  10. DNF Definition – Any racer who does not complete all laps in his/her race is considered as “Did Not Finish”. In the case that no one finishes in a class, whoever completed the most laps in the least amount of time is considered the winner of that class.
  11. ABSOLUTELY NO PIT RIDING ALLOWED AT ANY EVENT. This means only active race motorcycles in the Live Pit area.
  12. Biltwell reserves the right to uphold all policies and rules written or otherwise.


  1. Any entrant who fails to fully fill out and sign required entry forms and releases shall be disqualified and shall forfeit any prize money, points and contingencies won in that particular event. Entry forms and releases must be signed in person in front of DP4entry personnel.Identification may be required.
  2. No entrant may enter racing areas until they have signed all releases and/or entry forms. No person shall sign the release or entry forms for anyone other than himself or herself. Proper identification may be required (i.e., picture ID)
  3. Race entries are for adults 18 years and older only.
  4. All Racers and/or representative must attend and sign in at the mandatory drivers meeting at posted scheduled times at registration. Failure to attend will mean loss of staging position.
  5. Any entrant who competes on a vehicle that he/she is not registered to ride or permits such action, shall forfeit any and all prize money, points and contingencies won in that particular event. Such action may result in vehicle disqualification.


  1. A marked course is the official route designated by and marked with official Biltwell markings. All vehicles must follow this route during the event. No vehicle may deviate from the marked course at any time. Short coursing is not permitted and will result in disqualification. Short coursing is defined as any deviation from the marked course resulting in either a time or position advantage. Biltwell is not responsible for markings that are damaged or removed. All vehicles must proceed only in the correct direction of the course route or trail. Riding backwards on the racecourse at anytime is prohibited. Riding backwards on the course is grounds for penalties of up to and including disqualification.
  2. Course may include trails, footpaths, roads, hills, or any type of terrain, which can be negotiated by a motorcycle. Pre-running the course is not allowed. Racer must remain on the marked course. Any time double arrows are posted on both sides of the trail, racer must stay between the arrows. Markers may also include any device placed along the trail to help guide riders, including: ribbons, signs, stakes, hay bales, flags, etc. If the original marking devices are knocked down, the racer must stay on the original marked course.
  3. In order to be considered as “on the course” riders must remain within 50 feet of the marked trail at all times. Racers found to be deviated by more than 50 feet away from the marked course will be assessed penalties of up to and including disqualification.
  4. Riding backwards on the course is grounds for immediate disciplinary action up to and including disqualification.


The following legend of infraction penalties is a guideline used by DP4 in assessing penalties. These guidelines are not meant to infer that these are the only possible infractions or penalties that may be assessed against any entrant participating in an DP4 sponsored event. 

A. Race vehicle traveling on the racecourse in the reverse direction of the race, at any time: disciplinary action up to and including disqualification .

B. Pit support vehicles traveling on the racecourse at anytime: disciplinary action up to and including disqualification.

C. Abusive (verbal or physical) conduct toward a race official: Disqualification, suspension, five hundred dollars ($500) fine or any combination of the three

D. Short coursing: disciplinary action up to and including disqualification.

E. No pre-running of the race course: disciplinary action immediate disqualification.

F. Passing in the scoring chute: 2positions. 

G. DSQ’s are non-droppable and will count towards national championships. 

H. DSQ’s for a machine cc infraction will mean loss of all points from said class for race season.

I. No outside assistance is permitted unless posted in the event flyer. Any assistance given in any other location outside of the pit location can have disciplinary action up to and including disqualification. (Outside assistance is allowed during any peewee event.)

J. All racers must finish on the same motorcycle that they started on, a racer may not change motorcycle at any point during a race: Violation of this rule is a DSQ penalty.




Starting is a “rubber band” style in rows based on classes. Rows will be designated by the event organizers on Race Day. The fastest classes will be in the first rows and men and women in the same classes will start together but be scored separately. Classes may be combined to create a full row but racers will only be scored against riders in their own class. There will be a short break between each starting row.


Each lap will be timed with a helmet transponder and accounted for and marked on a “Fender Card”. Both will be supplied at Rider Check-in. The pits will close at 3:00 and no new laps will be started after that point. The race course has to be completely “cold” by 5:00 as per BLM.



You may ride your motorcycle to and from the race course at 15mph for your race ONLY and must wear a helmet AT ALL TIMES. Racers must register for the race before riding in their machine anywhere. ANYONE FOUND PLAY RIDING IN THE PITS WILL BE DISQUALIFIED WITHOUT A REFUND. NO EXCEPTIONS.

  1. At all times, the racer assumes responsibility for the actions of their pit crew members, support crews, and all others associated with their organization. All pitting must be done in the designated pit area. No rider is allowed to carry gasoline except inside his/her machine’s gasoline tank.
  2. No vehicle shall be towed, pushed, pulled or transported by a non-race entered vehicle on the official course while an event is still in progress. Another race entered vehicle or an official Biltwell chase vehicle may push, pull or tow the race-entered vehicle up to the nearest pit stop and/or checkpoint. Biltwell officials may assist the vehicle occupants if it is deemed necessary for the protection of the entrants.
  3. Any pit support vehicle running on or near the racecourse will result in the entrant being disqualified. Any pit vehicle running backwards on the racecourse will cause race vehicle to be disqualified.
  4. All pits must have the equivalent of a UL-approved 5lb. ABC fire extinguisher at all times.
  5. All young children and pets must be kept out of the pit area. Pets must be kept on a leash. All campfires must be kept out of immediate pit area. Campfires may not be permitted due to federal and state regulations.
  6. All entrants are responsible for cleaning the pit areas they use during the event.
  7. The Driver of Record is responsible for all people on their team and in their pits.  Entrants, pit crew members, volunteers and family waive any claim they may have against DR4 Racing, its officials and BLM when voluntarily participating in DP4 Racing events.
  8. NO Alcohol in the pits during all races. Immediate Disqualification will result.
  9. RV’s, Toy-haulers, and race trailers must be a minimum of 150’ off the race course. This setback at main pit is marked by yellow flags, everything behind the yellow flags is considered the Dead Pit.
  10. Your Live Pit is a 25’ zone that is 25’ in front of your dead pit making an emergency lane in between your Live Pits and Dead Pit that will be used by DP4 and BLM Monitors. This lane must be kept clear of pit equipment. (cords and hoses are permitted in the emergency lane)–See diagram below
  11. No RV’s, trailers, or box vans are permitted in the Live Pit. No one under the age of 12 is permitted to be in the Live Pit area at main or at any other designated pit. This means they are also not allowed to have a Pit Pass Armband! Only Pit Crew Members working on the race vehicles should have armbands! DQ will result!
  12. All Pit Crew Personnel are required to have Hi-Vis vests.  This is mandatory at all pits. Mobile/Chase pits are NOT permitted.
  13. Fuel Containment must be used. Fuel mats must be placed under fuel cans at all times. These mats can be a tarp, carpet, etc.
  14. Speed Limit through Main Pit, outlying pits, and all road crossings is 15mph. Infractions will result in time held at Start/Finish during the race.
  15. Any pit crew members disregarding these rules will subject their rider to disciplinary action up to and including disqualification.
  16. There is only one pit area at the start/finish at the “Football Field” area. No pits to be set up along the course outside of this area.
  17. All motorcycles recovered on course without riders or separately from a rider will be placed near the First Aid tent in the Registration/Stage area AKA THE DROP ZONE.


  1. Speed zones are marked by yellow flags at the start of the zone, and green flags at the end of the zone. You must slow down to 15mph before you cross any yellow flags and remain at 15mph until you cross the green flags.  Speeding penalties will be served during the race at Start/Finish.
  2. The race groove at Main Pit is marked with orange cones. You are to remain in this groove until you are within 300 feet of your pit. When you leave your pit you are to get back in the race groove within 300 feet. When you are outside of the main pit race groove the speed limit is 15 mph.
  3. Absolutely no passing through road crossings and no aggressive passing through pit speed zones.
  4. Speed Limit is 15mph anytime you come within 150 feet of people on the race course.
  5. You may leave the race course and return to a pit to perform repairs on your motorcycle, however you may never travel backwards on the race course, and you must also return to the race course where you left it to complete your lap. DO NOT leave your pit and go through Start/Finish an additional time!
  6. You must come to a complete stop at Start/Finish every lap. Racer may not proceed until instructed to do so by race personnel.
  7. If you have a problem during the race it is imperative that you get off the race course as much as possible.
  8. Race staging begins 30 minutes prior to race start. If you are late you will lose your starting position.
  9. Please report any spectators that are too close to the race course to Biltwell Race Officials.
  10. There is no passing/touching in the scoring chute. Passing in the chute will result in disciplinary action up to and including disqualification. Destruction of the scoring chute will result in time penalty, monetary fine and or disqualification.


All motorcycles in competition must be identified with the correct vehicle numbers and be displayed in the proper locations as described herein.


  1. Helmets, gloves, goggles racing shoes or boots. Helmets must be of approved by Snell or DOT.  Straps must have D-ring fasteners only.  No snaps or velcro will be permitted.  The interior and exterior areas of the helmet must be free of defects (i.e., the padding must be in good condition and the exterior of the helmet must not be damaged). Open face helmets are permitted.
  2. Race numbers must be displayed in at least one spot on front of motorcycle, headlight area on forks. Additional numbers may be displayed on rider, helmet, side panels, etc. Since scoring is by transponder and racers can pick their own, there will be some duplication of race numbers.

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