TECH TALK: Organizing your on-the-road tool kit

TECH TALK: Organizing your on-the-road tool kit

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If you ride a motorcycle, you need a tool kit on it. If it’s an older bike, you need one. It doesn’t have to have everything required to rebuild a transmission. A daily carry tool kit should be focused on solving the typical roadside issues. If you are a decent mechanic, you’ll use it more on your friend’s bikes than your own and that’s OK too. If you asked 100 riders what they pack in their tool kit, you’d probably get 200 different answers, none of them wrong. This is a general collection we made by merging our personal favorites. Feel free to use this list for reference and add and delete based on your preference and experience.Tech Talk Toolkit


(FITS IN EXFIL-0 tool roll inside EXFIL-7 bag)

  • Registration
  • Multimeter
  • Star hub allen
  • Handtools (wrenches, dikes, screwdrivers, sockets, ratchet)
  • Clutch tool
  • File
  • Rag 
  • Crescent 12” w electrical tape on the handle
  • Roll of gorilla tape (rolled onto itself) 
  • PSI Gauge
  • Tire plug/patch kit
  • Master link
  • Jets
  • Allen wrenches
  • Plug gapping tool
  • Plug socket + other sockets
  • Vice grips 
  • Lighter
  • Extra wire
  • Loctite
  • Anti-Gravity charger
  • 1 16” tube
  • Mechanics wipes
  • Small flashlight 
  • JB Quick
  • Spare parts in a separate bag
  • Small tin with misc fasteners, cotter pins, wire connectors, heat shrink, black tape, hose clamps, zip-ties, Super E jets, master link, fuses in container