Small Events

Small Events

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Here at Biltwell we can't afford to go to every event over the summer. Not to mention the majority of the big events don't suit our style or our customer's style anyway.

What we do try and participate in is nearly every grass-roots, ride-based event thrown by people who share the same two-wheeled passion as we do. This is a good way for us to spread the gospel and support people that are geographically out of reach for us.

Our big trip this year is going to be to North Carolina for the Horse Magazine's annual Smoke Out. We've got too many friends, shops and customers back there to miss this massive party.

Even if we can't make it in person, we will always show our support to guys like Mike Camillo who's putting a little shindig on tonight in Cos Cob, CT. Mike will have a fistful of Biltwell gift certificates to raffle off to a few lucky souls this evening.

As a middle finger to the usual contemporary Laconia crowd, Grail over at Knucklebuster is throwing the Greasbag Jamboree in New Hampshire. If he does the event half as well as he handles his websites, you can count on this thing being a banger. First place this year gets a Biltwell helmet with some fine lines by our friend "Rad Shad".

Speaking of back east events, you can't forget the Gypsy Run. We had such a blast riding with these guys last year and half of them again on the EDR a couple months ago. If you are anywhere near these dudes, you need to make it happen. With Walt, Fritz and crew in charge this year, it's going to be a well-oiled party machine.

Another one is Trent at Atomic Custom's Ground Zero Throwdown 3.0 in Albuquerque, NM. Trent's deal was great last year, and this year sounds even more fun, with some off road riding to a lake it sounds perfect.

What do all these events have in common? They're all organized by guys who want to have a good time and enjoy custom motorcycles. No, I'm not going to sing Kumbaya or hold hands and chat about feelings, but I will say this- take inspiration from these folks and quit bitching about how gay the local scene is and try to put something together that kicks ass. If you do, let us know about it and we'll support it one way or another. Any idea how many free helmets we can donate for the cost of one trip to Sturgis?