Operation Numbnuts: Alaska Bound

Operation Numbnuts: Alaska Bound

We've been trying to get to Alaska for three years now. Between building the Pig, COVID restrictions, and everything else it has been impossible. Finally, this is the year.

A simple route map makes it easier to digest the 4000-mile trek from Whittier to Deadhorse and back to Seattle. Daily estimated mileage in the little yellow

The Haul Road eats tires so we've got a big stash

Here's the breakdown:

  • 11 riders
  • 2 Panheads, 3 Shovelheads and 6 Harley Pan Ams
  • 4000 miles
  • 20-30 days depending
  • Dispersed camping, some campgrounds, and occasional cabins or hotels
  • "The Pig" is our civilianized LMTV chase truck arrows. 

Choppers to the Acrtic Circle? You bet! 

We are sailing out of Bellingham Washington on a ferry that we can camp on, and land in Whittier, Alaska a few days later. Can't wait to see the inside passage from this boat. From there we ride up through Anchorage, Denali, and Fairbanks. One night at Chena Hot Springs and then up to Coldfoot where it gets real. The "Haul Road" from there to Deadhorse will be the hardest part, especially on the rigid bikes. Once we see Prudhoe Bay, we turn around and ride that beat-up gravel highway all the way back down. Then over the border into Dawson City which is on another less than ideal highway. From there it's south to White Horse, maybe Liard Hot Springs, and down the Cassiar HWY through BC to Whistler. We've got no reservations other than the ferry so we are mostly camping. We are pretty self-contained in the Pig and have a shit ton of spare parts for old and new bikes, tires, tubes, gallons of oil, and a 30-gallon drum of gasoline, two shotguns, and a bunch of bear spray.

Nothing beats milk crates for organizing spares. Everything is field-stripped and labeled to reduce bulk

The old bikes are prepped and ready to go and Rob is almost done outfitting the PanAms with new Metzeller tires, Baja Designs lights and tons of official H-D accessories and luggage. Riding these bikes is going to be way different for our crew that's used to older machines, a total luxury!

Baja Designs lights up the night and makes the Pan Ams so much more visible on the road

Rob is in full-on prep mode so get outta his way!

There are a lot of unknowns and plenty potential for failure but we'll just take it day by day and solve problems as they come up. There should be plenty of discomfort, but if there isn't, are you really on an adventure or just on vacation?

The habitat on back of the Pig holds all the spare parts and gear but also has modular bunks so a few of us can rotate sleeping "indoors" 

Please follow along with us on Instagram, Facebook and TikTok where we will post updates from the trip when we have service, and when we get back we'll start working on a longer format film for YouTube and put that out on multiple episodes.

Fresh meats from our friends at Metzeler

Thanks to all our friends and sponsors who are along for the ride