New 2018 Gringo and Gringo S Helmets in stock

We just got in the first batch of 2018 Gringo and Gringo S helmets in the new colors. Some colors like Flat Black and Vintage White are perennial, but more unique colors and graphics will live for about 12 months and then go away. For our European friends, we are working on getting ECE certification for Gringo and Gringo S, but for now they are just DOT. Good news for Aussies, it looks like ECE is going to be the accepted standard down under, rather than the old Australian-only certification. So check out the new colors below and let us know your favorites! One of the safest features a helmet can have is good visibility in traffic. Our new Safe-T Yellow color is reminiscent of an old 70's dirt bike helmet, but looks good with contemporary bikes too and definitely stands out.
So dark, it's almost black, Sierra Green really pops once it hits sunlight. The jewel tone color is kinda outdoorsy, and we're OK with that.
This may or may not have been a 4x4 Toyota paint job back in the early 80's. Either way, it's a cool combo of colors in a modified version of our old Spectrum graphics.
An old favorite from a couple years ago that we thought was worth bringing back. This is one of those neutral colors that looks good with any bike and is easy to live with.
Another fine metallic jewel tone. Bourbon Metallic says "I'm sophisticated, but still here to party!"
Bronze Metallic is another neutral color that looks good with nearly any gear or bike. Neat details like the bronze-anodized hinge screw make it even better.
Subdued Flat Silver shows up well in traffic without being a bright or flashy color.
Way better than basic black, the Midnight Black Miniflake Gringo S pops in sunlight. Not a heavy bass boat flake, it's nice and subtle.
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