Pics & Video from Mama Tried Show 2017

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Mama Tried Show 2017. Whether native to the Midwest or not, Milwaukee is definitely the place to be every February. Marking it’s fourth year, Scott Johnson and Warren Heirs' chopper extravaganza was three days of unique bikes, racing, parties, pre-parties, and pre-pre-parties, making it one hell of a weekend. Friday was all racing and partying in downtown allowing us all to rise and shine to a weekend full of amazing custom motorcycles. The show took place at the old Lindsay Building right outside of Downtown Milwaukee. With the Harley Davidson Museum just across the river, it only made sense the Mama Tried Show would showcase such a high caliber of craftsmanship and engineering. Entering the show, the first level was full of vendors and beer and food stations. You can easily spend a good chunk of time eating, drinking, and buying all the cool stuff at each booth. The next level was a whole different story. With a short freight elevator ride up, Jason Webber’s ’51 panhead “Booger Sugar” was directly in front to greet everyone as we got fully submerged into a multitude of fine machinery. Left to right, it was easy to become overwhelmed with the abundance of bikes. Like last year, the overhead spotlight combined with ambient light peering through the warehouse windows gave each bike it’s own unique look. From a ‘29 JD to a Mars Rover, the wide variety of bikes made the show truly unique. A few amongst many were the Haints’ stellar panhead and knucklehead choppers, Retrospeed’s Ducati 750, and even Branch Engineering's turbo shovel that we had the pleasure of displaying in our showroom leading up to the show. Spend a couple hours staring at bikes, veer off to the side, grab another beer, check out the Art and Fuel tanks, get a tattoo, then back to the bikes. Motorcycles are nothing short of amazing and when combined with the hard work and organization from Warren, Scott, and everyone who put this show together, it’s clear why this is one of the best events of the year.   Thanks guys! We’ll see ya in 2018.