The Eyes Have It - Goggles

The Eyes Have It - Goggles

Before full-face lids with flip-down shields entered the picture, plenty of motorcyclers were happy to hit the trail with little more than a three-quarter lid and a pair of Ray-Bans. Goggles had their fans in those days, but their vibe was less AMA MX, more WWII. Feature creep and the never-ending quest for market dominance are insidious forces, and can turn things that were once perfectly acceptable into something utterly absurd. Nowhere is this more apparent than with modern motorcycle goggles. What started life in the early ‘70s as a repurposed ski goggle mutated over generations into the galactic blast shields you see on MX pros today. We’re not sure who started this arms race, but we know where it ends: Joe Lunchbox has to fork over 200 bucks for goggles so Bubba Carmichael and Ricky Trickstar can get paid.

Like every other essential in our riding gear collection, Biltwell goggles offer everything but overkill. By rejecting flash and filigree (we’re looking at you, hologram lens) and using the best materials and optic technologies available, Biltwell Moto and Overland goggles are engineered to protect eyeballs and cashflow.


MOTO 2.0

If you skip drinks and share dessert, 40 bucks might get you and your old man two appetizers and mud pie at Applebee’s. You’ll be full for a couple of hours, but your breath will smell like chicken wings. Save yourself the embarrassment and buy a pair of our Moto goggles instead. Nothing deep-fried here. What you get for two Andy Jacksons is a low-profile molded polyurethane frame, an adjustable woven strap, and an anti-fog polycarbonate lens to see trails and tarmac ahead of you in crystal clarity. Check out Moto Goggles



Our premium goggle for high-performance riding. Low-profile, injection-molded polyurethane frame features a highly
impact-resistant, optically precise polycarbonate lens with anti-fog treatment for maximum protection and visual clarity. Like every Biltwell goggle, Overland’s woven—not screenprinted—strap features anti-slip silicone strips to stay secure on your helmet. Hand-stitched synthetic leather strap mounts feature subtle branding and contrast stitching for a clean retro vibe. Check out Overland Goggles