The Art of Rebellion

The Art of Rebellion

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Last night Billdozer and I met Duane and Lisa Ballard, Rico Fodrey and friends from the Elsinore posse for a night of Hollywood hobnobbing Harley style at an art gallery in Santa Monica. The Motor Company used the occasion to promote its Dark Custom line of Gen-X-certified iron to a cadre of hipsters, honeyboys, lunch box girls, and other D-list glitterati. Rains dampened the biker spirit of the event, so most participants came by Land Rover, limo, Prius and Porsche to view the art and drink the punch. As a result of an earlier arrest for public vandalism, featured artist Shepard Fairey could not attend the event. Not even Harley's high-powered advertising agency can buy street cred like that.

Willie G. couldn't be there, but had he been, I'm sure the Grandson of The Gods would have rolled in something like this.

After learning the secret codeword "tallboy" to get free PBR's in a can, Billdozer shared his contact buzz with straight-edge leatherhead Duane Ballard. That's Rico in the foreground telling a fan he is not Kutty Noteboom of "Choppertown" fame.

Harley's new Iron 883™ was the star of the event, which required prolonged posing and strutting before the cameras for probing paparazzi. Celebrity takes its toll…

Style cats and kittens stood 100 deep for most of the evening to peek at the rebellious art and sip the complimentary Pabst Blue Ribbon beer with other like-minded scenesters.  Except for the pashmina scarves, faux distressed Diesel jeans, Jimmy Choo pumps, quilted parkas, Vans high tops, Hybrid cars and catering service, Harley's party felt just like a night at the Oakland 81 clubhouse in '67.

Our friend Scout from Harley's events planning agency (in denim vest and camo ball cap) speaks about target markets and branding initiatives with Ice T… or was it Ludacris? I was pretty high on rebellious spirit last night, so I couldn't tell for sure.