Spacebook Nerd Challenge 2011

Spacebook Nerd Challenge 2011

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Last night the Malinky Brothers over at Lowbrow threw down a true outlaw challenge, betting they could get more facebook likes in July than we could.

So, in an effort to motivate more people to become fans on our page, we decided to give away Mike's favorite helmet.

Mike's not stoked, but you will be. This is a one-off design painted by Backstreet Buckets.

You don't have to do anything crazy or complex, just hit the "like" button on our page and that's it. Everyone who "likes" the page is in the running for the helmet.

We use facebook to blast out product updates, event announcements, clearance specials, bikes for sale and other motorcycle related stuff, so it's worth being a part of.

If you feel like spreading the word about the contest to your friends on your facebook page, we'd sure appreciate it.

The losing side has to buy the winning side (us) drinks all night at the upcoming Salt Ghost video premier in Orange Ca.