Roadhouse Raid

Roadhouse Raid

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I talk to a lot of local Biltwell customers who share the same complaint; there's nothing to do out here, we need to get together and hang out, go riding, yada-yada.

It's true, more stuff happens in Long Beach and up in LA than in our slice of suburban hell. That's part of why we are throwing the Chop Meet in July. But, until then we still have plenty of time to get out an enjoy a Saturday.

Last week a friend emailed me a flyer for a birthday party for a dude named Chuck at my favorite Lake Elsinore bar, the Roadhouse. Now I don't know Chuck, but I like live music almost no matter who the band is, and the 'house is a comfortable joint. It's also pretty centrally located and easy to get to from both the IE and the OC. So, we made our own flyer and we're inviting you to go and help us crash the party. It's a big place, I don't think Chuck will mind.

See you there.


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