Ride the Wild Thunder

Ride the Wild Thunder

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We recently started running some real basic, low key ads that kinda stick out like a turd in a punchbowl compared to most chopper parts companies. No flashy stuff, just an action shot and the headline. What's it mean? Nothing really, it was something McGoo made up years ago. Sort of his way of sayin' "Knees in the Breeze" or whatever.

"Whatcha doing this weekend?" 

"Nothin' man, just ridin' the wild thunder, you know."

"Rad. All I want to do is ride the wild thunder too."

It's sort of became a compliment after a while.

"Man, that dude seriously rides the wild thunder."

McGoo has a knack for words and coining phrases like no one I've ever met. Not surprisingly O. Wilde is one of his personal heroes.

I've been asked about the new ads a couple times and I tried to explain it but I'm not as articulate as McGoo. Basically we got tired of the same old product stuff and just wanted to do something new, something that said "Just ride your motorcycle and have fun. Do your best, take some pride, show some class and ride your machine. Rich, poor, period correct, new bike, old bike, shomper, blomper, whatever, have fun working on and riding that motorcycle." But that was a really long, preachy headline.

The shot on the back cover of the new (and particularly good, I might add) Greasy Kulture 19 is one I took over my shoulder climbing that big hill out of Tijuana last year on the 500. Two of my favorite riding buddies; XS Eric and Huber cranking behind me. One on a Dyna and one on an unkillable home-built XS 650. When I get sick of the workday or internet know-it-alls or whatever, that's where I wanna be, Riding the Wild Thunder.

Jesus, that was corny!