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Put this on your calendar...

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The date: July 19, 2008

The place: Mountain High Ski Resort in the Angeles National Forest near Wrightwood, CA

The event: the 2008 Southern California CHOP MEET & Custom Motorcycle Show

Why then, why there, and why now? Because today's backstreet builders and motorcycle riders are tired of spending their hard-earned money to hear shitty bands at lame venues. The CHOP MEET is something Chris, Bill, Wes White and I have been dreaming up since late last year, but it has taken us nearly three months to confirm the venue for our first event. Mountain High Ski Resort has agreed to let us host our swap meet, bike show and punk rock extravaganza at their world-class resort in the heart of the San Gabriel Mountains. This location has some of the best motorcycle riding in SoCal, and the people who work at Mountain High are super cool and supportive.

Speaking of support, Wes White at Four Aces Cycle has volunteered to help us with all vendor relations for the Chop Meet. If you run a little motorcycle business, you should consider renting vendor space at the Chop Meet. Prices for all three sizes of vendor space are super affordable, and nobody knows the swap meet game better than old Four Aces Wes. To contact Wes, click here

The Chop Meet website will be operational in a few weeks, and when it is you will be able to buy advance tickets and reserve vendor space online. In the mean time, stay tuned to the Biltwell blog or the Jockey Journal for more information as it develops.